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  • Reduces wire contact stress
  • Keeps lubrication inside
  • Provides greater wear area
  • Reduces internal abrasion

7-Flex ropes are used for many applications that currently utilize 6×19 or 6×36 classification ropes. Their operating characteristics are similar in many ways to 6×36 classification ropes. The 7-Flex construction offers improved resistance to bending fatigue compared to 6×26 due to a combination of the outer wire size and the seventh strand.

PFV option: PFV is a plastic-impregnated wire rope
On the inside, you’ll find that the 7-Flex PFV wire rope withstands the tough pressures of your demanding jobs while the PFV cushions the strands, distributes internal stresses, keeps in wire rope lubricant, and keeps out dirt and debris. PFV also helps shed water and dirt, giving you a clean smooth surface to make it easy to pass over sheaves and onto drums. This smooth surface works to clean and polish, extending the service life of your sheaves and drums, while also reducing clean-up requirements and your maintenance costs.

The finished 7-Flex PFV rope has advantages over non-PFV rope. The finished rope has the strand valleys between strands equally filled with plastic, which seals the lubricant and assures a balanced rope once finished. This has also proven in many applications to give you longer service life and a cleaner operation than conventional wire ropes.

Rope Dia.
Minimum Breaking
Force (TONS)
3/8 7.55
7/16 10.2
1/2 13.3
9/16 16.8
5/8 20.6
3/4 29.4
7/8 39.8
1 51.7
1-1/8 65.0
1-1/4 79.9

**This information is provided by Wire Rope Corporation of America. For further information, please visit the company’s website:

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