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Flex-X 35

  • unique design that minimizes torque and rotation of the rope at normal load ranges of zero to 20% of the rope’s minimum breaking force.
  • engineered to give you maximum strength per diameter while also achieving superior fatigue resistance.
  • gives maximum service life when you have long block falls or load control is critical.
  • unlike other rotation-resistant ropes, swivels can be used.
  • one of the highest strength-to-diameter ratios on the market.
  • enhanced performance in multiple layer spooling.
  • lang lay design coupled with other features provide excellent resistance to abrasion that occurs at kickover areas in drum spooling.
  • rope cross section has very high density.
  • increased resistance to crushing.
Flex-X 35
Rope Dia.
Minimum Breaking
Force (TONS)
13 20.4
16 30.6
18 38.5
19 42.9
22 57.2
25.4 75.8
26 79.3
28 91.6
30 105
32 119

**This information is provided by Wire Rope Corporation of America. For further information, please visit the company’s website:

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