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Flex-X 9

  • designed to satisfy drum crushing challenges.
  • features compacted strands and swaging for extra drum crushing resistance and increased stability.
  • high density strands deliver extra strength, surprising bend-ability and a stubborn resistance to abrasion.
  • manufactured with a dual compaction process to produce a compact cross-section with minimum voids and greater surface area on outer wires that contact drums, sheaves and the rope itself, during operation.

Minimum breaking force and weights for Flex-X 6 and Flex-X 9

Flex-X 9
Rope Dia.
Minimum Breaking Force
5/8 26.2
3/4 37.4
7/8 50.6
1 65.7
1-1/8 82.7

**This information is provided by Wire Rope Corporation of America. For further information, please visit the company’s website:

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