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  • Low-torque; high strength
  • Can be used with a swivel
  • Can be used with a design factor as low as 3.5 to 1

XLT4 is a revolutionary crane wire rope that has extremely low torque and is named so because “4” is the minimum breaking force of a 6-strand XXXIP (4X) IWRC wire rope.

This specialized wire rope has a unique design that packs more high tensile steel wire into the rope’s diameter, giving it one of the highest strength-to-diameter ratios ever achieved – with a minimum breaking force 33% higher than standard 6-strand XIP ropes. In addition, its compact construction keeps more steel in contact with sheaves and drums for unmatched resistance to crushing and wear – for lower maintenance, less downtime, and longer service life.

Rope Dia.
Minimum Breaking
Force (TONS)
1/2 17.7
9/16 22.3
5/8 27.4
3/4 39.2
7/8 53
1 68.9
1-1/8 86.7
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